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In addition to improving access to standards and understanding their proper use, ASTM provides a range of solutions to help laboratories ensure the quality of their performance and to market their services.

With worldwide participation, ASTM’s Proficiency Testing Program provides laboratories with a method to evaluate and improve their performance.

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Ensure Quality with ASTM's Proficiency Testing Program

Evaluate and improve your laboratory’s performance using our Proficiency Testing Programs.

In our global program, you’ll compare your results against over 4,400 participating laboratories worldwide to ensure the accuracy and precision of your methods and personnel.

Our programs address construction, petroleum, metals, plastics, textiles and more. Each participating lab is given a summary report to aid improvement and can access reports, due dates, and other important information through our PTP portal.

Proficiency Testing Programs are a critical part to any laboratory achieving and maintaining accreditation.

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Safety Equipment Institute (SEI)

Established in 1981, the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI), a subsidiary of ASTM International, provides product and personnel certifications as well as environmental declarations. SEI is one of the world’s leading independent, third-party certification programs for safety and protective products.

SEI certification programs include:

  • Both industrial and athletic helmets (including those for baseball,
    softball, bicycling, equestrian and more)
  • Safety eyewear, face protectors
  • Emergency eyewash and safety shower equipment
  • Firefighters’ helmets, boots and gloves
  • Protective footwear
  • Bomb suits and much more.

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